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Ebony Wood Portable Headphones (MP3,CDPLAYERS,I-POD,I-PAD,I-PHONE)

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Wooden headphones of a wooden collection ESMOOTH from Taiwanese manufacturers provide high-quality audio experience and comfort for more pleasant days. Audio headphones offer high quality with sophisticated combination of materials. Just as musical instruments, the right choice of materials ensures the highest quality audio and wood certainly can not miss.

The combination of a steel frame with soft leather padding, earphones perfectly fit your ears and ensure maximim seal against unwanted sounds. The best stereo headphones suitable for DJ, PC, MP3 and other purposes.

Each headset ESMOOTH have multiple manufacturing processes, from material selection to the unique design of headphones. Elegant ESMOOTH headset has a natural wood textures that highlight the essence of nature for centuries.

The selection of each piece of wood is under strict requirements, natural and transparent sound quality, having a lower resonant features, that is the distinction between the wood and metal or plastic. Each chamber of headphones is hand polished, unique technology of drying, wooden voids, no cracks.

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