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GAMMAXX C40 Deep Cool CPU Cooler


Small in size with height of 137mm, using 92mm fan.
Powerful performance, Compact fin design + powerful fan makes it capable to support chipsets up to TDP 130W.
Offcenter heatsink structure to avoid interference with RAM.
4*Ф6 mm heatpipes directly in contact with CPU, absorbing and dissipating the heat more efficiently.
Special backplate bracket and metal adapter frame makes the mounting easy and structure strong.

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M-ATX and ITX build fans have long been suffering from size or price mismatching when choosing CPU coolers. To cure the headache, Deepcool brings the ultimate cooling solution that combines all advantages—Gammaxx C40

Compact but Powerful
Gammaxx C40 is only 137mm tall, but the specially designed compact fin and the 92mm powerful fan make it marvelous in performance, able to support chipsets of TDP up to 130W

Offcenter to Avoid RAM Interference
To avoid interference, the heat sink of Gammaxx C40 is designed to lean away from RAM. The offcenter design allows the users to enjoy fully-loaded RAM and the cooling solution at the same time
4 Heatpipes Directly Touching the Core
4*Ф6 mm heatpipes are constructed with Core Touch Technology (CTT) for direct contact on the chipset. Thus the heat can be carried out directly by the heatpipes and dissipated efficiently through the aluminum fins