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  • Utilizing 5Gbps Super Speed USB as a display interface
  • Easily connect additional monitors using a USB Cable
  • Plug-and-play connectivity to HDMI, DVI Displays
  • Mirror or extend a computer display workspace
  • Quickly add up to six displays to as desktop or notebook with minimal configuration and without an additional graphicscard
  • Support up to 2K resolution displays 1920×1200 / 2048×1152 at 32bit colour
  • Backward compatibility with USB 2.0
  • USB powered, no power supply needed
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The USB 3.0 graphic adapter allows you to easily connect extra monitors (TV) to your laptop or desktop without extra graphic card. This device successfully makes it real over taking display limitation.

This USB 3.0 graphics adapter connects external HD TV or monitor with computer via USB 3.0 port, supporting mirror and extend mode. It complies with USB regulation, USB powered, plug and play. Our product is becoming the main trend of speedy multi display. You could work and watch movie at one time, thus it meets two or more people request by two or more display. More important, this device support hot plugging, so you could remove extra monitors at any time without restarting PC.

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